June 3, 2013

Threading @ Saluga Beauty House

For a fact, I am no beauty expert nor am I one who is extremely particular about my appearance. BUT, hair (be it hair HAIR or facial hair) is always an exception!

So, Imma be writing about my recent maiden threading experience at Saluga Beauty House!

Basically, threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating from the East. According to Wikipedia, it is a doubled thin cotton thread specially designed and twisted, then rolled over areas of unwanted hair; plucking the hair at follicle level. This method of hair removal can remove short lineS of hair instead of one-hair-at-a-time if you were to pluck.

It is definitely nothing new here in Malaysia and I've heard stories from friends on how quick the threading process and more importantly the aftermath is just....CLEAN! haha

I did some web-lookup on reviews written of Saluga and to check on their opening hours on Sundays. Most of the links online were pretty outdated, but I found one [<<click link] in particular (written in 2011) which was pretty useful! Thank God! :)

My eyebrows are naturally thick. So I wanted to just shape and not thin me eyebrows. As you can see from the below jpeg, the results are not quite evident, but look closer, the "wild grass" growing around my almost-unibrow is cleared! Hoho!

Long story short, this is my eyebrows before (below) and AFTER (above) threading...

Personal experience: 

Reviews online said that there would be a (normal) waiting time of at least 30minutes. Thankfully I was well-prepared for the wait and hence, was very surprised that I was attended to the moment I stepped into the saloon. Didn't even had time to prepare myself for the pain! HAHA Okay la, what about the pain factor? For me, it was quite bearable as I was used to plucking my eyebrows. But as explained earlier, threading is plucking of several hair at once, so it was still a new level of pain for my eye area. The aftermath was not only cleanly-shaped eyebrows (YAY) but also redish sore (which subsided after 2hours or so). So, not much of a worry. The saloon is quite clean and there are many other services provided eg, mani pedi, facial, massage and etc.  

Btw, if you are contemplating on making a maiden visit to thread your eyebrows, please make sure you do not have sweaty palms as you will need to hold onto your skin (see below jpeg). LOLOL 

For eyebrow threading, the price is RM5. So affordable for a price for beauty right! 

Second, third, fourth, fifth.... visits? Definitely YES! :)

(Thankfully it was a beautiful Sunday with sunny blue skies!)


Saluga Beauty House is located at the same row as the famous Banana Leaf Rice eatery - Nirwana Seri Maju in Bangsar. From the above jpeg, Nirwana will be located on the right side of the photo, whereas Bangsar Village will be on the left of the photo. A further tip is that this row of shophouses is located directly opposite Bangsar Village II (at the mall exit along Ted Baker) For those who are not sure where is that, you can locate it via Google Maps at the below address/ contact them at 03 - 2283 5390.

1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 3, Kuala Lumpur 59100

Their operating hours on a Sunday is until 6pm, and they do not break for lunch! I mean, they do.... but they do it one by one, which is so much more efficient for their business! Only found out about Sundays as I visited them on a Sunday LOL

For now, I shall be a happy girl w nicely shaped eyebrows! For 2 weeks, that is haha!