February 5, 2017

The Petrol Kiosk Guy

This is about him, a stranger.
A thought hit me and I wanted to pen it down.
Took a mental pause and spoke to my Fiance about it instead.
Talk about delayed gratification...

It was scorching hot as the 12pm sun approached its peak.
Well fed to the brim after a good same ol' breakfast, we seized the hour, dropping by the petrol station on the way home.

His usual drill...
Rush to serve customers as soon as they pull over in the designated bays,
"Bos, nak brapa?" / "Lima puluh!"...
On some days however, his role is gently shrugged off mostly by the younger generation...
"Takpe" indicating there's no need for his assistance.

Le Fiance did the latter and it struck me.
The reason why he now has a job was because the local market viewed his assistance necessary.
Maybe he keeps tab of each day, how many people who turns down his assistance.
Maybe it's time for him to look for another job...
Maybe this is not a sustainable wage earning role.

In the present moment,
He was quick to pick up a windscreen cleaner to sponge and dry the windscreen of le Fiance's car.

This is about a petrol kiosk attendant in the humble town of Ipoh.