January 26, 2013

Feast for Four

It was a public holiday. Typical Malaysians I am, as long as it is a public holiday, I can't really be bothered for what we are given the public holiday for. Public holiday only means a few things - I get to sleep in, and spend time with loved ones.

Since we had a voucher which entitles us for "One Peri Platter Only", we decided to drop by Nando's Taipan for dinner.

[All photo credits: Ken]

Little did we know, that we were spoilt for choice. Given that we can pick which of the any platters that were on the menu:

- Full Platter (2-3 persons) RM53++
- Meal Sharing (1-2 persons) RM53++
- Jumbo Platter (4-6 persons) RM99++

Well, our pick is OBVIOUS enough isn't it? ;)

So the Jumbo Platter consists of:

2 Whole Chicken (to be shared amongst us four)

 & 5 Large Side dishes of our choice!
We picked the Potato Wedges, Old Style Chips, Coleslaw, Salad and Three Beans Salad.

What a feast for four!!!!


And THIS, is the aftermath. :D

p.s The aftersales service of the staff at Nando's USJ Taipan outlet was very very impressive. It was raining heavily and we had no umbrella. The staff helpfully walked us to the car, one by one, with an umbrella of course. haha. Pleasant dining experience :)

Have a blessed weekend!

January 24, 2013

Life's Little Blessing

5 months ago, I randomly sent a text to FLY FM in a random attempt to be the 5th sms-er through to win The Script's #3's album.

I still remember, it was a Friday night. And I was driving home from work...

5 months later, I finally got my prize! :)

Thank you, FLY FM!

January 17, 2013

Life's "GPS"

[Photo Credits: CUF Blog]

Life, is like driving on the highway headed towards Heaven with God as your "GPS". It is a road that only your "GPS" is able to guide you on as it is a road that you know nothing of what lies ahead.

This is a road that guarantees you no smooth journey. Instead, it is a GUARANTEED BUMPY ride. But fret not, as your "GPS" will only guide you through bumps that you are capable of handling.

You may be unsure of what lies ahead, but one thing's for sure, your "GPS" will guide you the whole journey throughout; only if you let Him to.

Hence, not everyone arrives at our ultimate destination. To those who make it, WELL DONE, for you have been rewarded for your wholesome trust in your "GPS". :)

See you there!