July 23, 2014

Madam Kwan's Nasi Bojari - Malaysian Food at it's Best

I know we're currently in the Ramadhan season where our Muslim counterparts fast during the day.  Let's see if today's post will help you decide on where to ajak your Muslim friends to beriftar! ;)

Aaaand, yes, this is finally a "HALAL" food post!

Madam Kwan's to me is a high class eatery that serves high end Malaysian food.  First thought that comes to my mind? Why pay a premium when authentic Malaysian food is everywhere in town, roadside stalls, mamaks, and whereverelse there is.

But here at Madam Kwan's, there is a MUST ORDER - Nasi Bojari! This is definitely NOT a dish you can find elsewhere ;)

A brief description -
This is a dish of tri-coloured red-yellow-white rice with assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick; served on banana leaf. This dish also comes with the usual sides of half a hard-boiled egg, cucumbers and additionally, tomatoes!

Priced at MYR24.90, the portion is overwhelming for the premium that you'll pay. Don't let the above photo deceive you! The chicken drumstick itself is enough to mind blow you.

Verdict: 9/10

The tri-coloured has hints of herbs and spices albeit not overpowering the dish as a whole. Overall, it is a fantastic pair with any of the three side dishes, i.e. fried chicken, beef rendang and assam prawns.

Not forgetting to mention, the fried chicken (they only serve chicken thigh) was juicily well done. The skin has the right amount of crisps and the size of the chicken is guaranteed to stuff you to the brim!

The beef rendang is rightly fragrant and not too dry. BTW, if you are abstaining from beef due to religious beliefs, you can always opt for curry chicken. Just inform the waiter when you make your order.

And the 2 assam prawns...

MMMMM~ they are not too sweet nor overly sour. Paired with a perfect balance of onions, the 2 assam prawns are guaranteed fresh! Thankfully I had a colleague who doesn't eat prawns so she donated her's to me. In total, I had 4 fresh juicy prawns! ;)

Look at us! The 18 of us headed to Madam Kwan's One Utama for an unofficial buka puasa dinner (boss' treat, YAY!) and at least 90% of us ordered the Nasi Bojari!

Oh BTW, whilst waiting for the exact buka puasa time, I dissected my chicken to the very core so that I can focus on eating later on instead of slicing the chicken off the bones heh! #maximisingidletime


The downside of this dish for me however, was the lack of gravy. I wish they provided sambal or perhaps more gravy from the assam prawns. ;)

All in all, it was a fantastic dinner. Thanks, Boss! :D