December 31, 2015

2015: The Ups and Downs

Today, like a book; we've come to the last page of the year. Page 365 of 365.

Most people do summaries in just a short paragraph on how 2015 has been for them. I'm a wordy being, in case you haven't realised! :D

So, the most commonly said phrased today would be "time flies" and it IS true. But what matters most is to reflect on what happened in the past 12 months. Here's mine...

January 2015

The year started off with a *pop*. I tendered my first resignation in my career. It was a move to enhance my portfolio and also to test how much I could be stretched further.

I was blessed with a smartphone and hence, FINALLY grew out of my ancient half-touchscreen-half-keypad Nokia phone! :)

February 2015


It was time to bid farewell to the Firm who has groomed me for the past 3 years. It was a choice made for the better good. Nonetheless, I'm truly grateful for the people, work life, friendships built and moments created. Nothing would ever replace those 3 years of foundation.

In the name of farewell, we did outrageous stuff. I love singing Karaoke, and we sang for 7 frickin' straight hours and left the mall, back to the office at 2am the next day. Have I mentioned that it was quite a memorable piece of my life? :)

To the team who has watched me grow, including those who are not in this photo... youknowwhoyouguysare, Thank You all from the bottom of my heart. Thank You for the time invested, patience, guidance and for being through parts, if not throughout the 3 years of my tenure with the Firm. May CPTX3 continue to remain bonded and grow stronger!

I spent time preparing with Chinese New Year and it was an eye-opener at how much work needs to be done just to ensure that Chinese New Year is the grandest of all occasions throughout the year.

Soon after, I started off my new chapter at the Number 1 Firm in Malaysia. It was a blessing in many forms and I am grateful when it all fell into place.

March 2015

Came the month when 2 of the most important men in my life were at their weakest points. Ken Wooi went from this (refer photo above), to....

This handsome young chap with NO GLASSES, ANYMORE! :D

April 2015

(Photo credits: Mr Ho)

Attended my first ever Company trip throughout my "career" - Away Day @ Avani Sepang Gold Coast.

I was ecstatic because, well, who doesn't like a short weekend getaway!? What's even better? Fully sponsored by the Firm/Bosses! :D

May 2015

It was my month and everything that happened throughout was simply beautiful. A whole green tea cheese cake to call mine (thanks, Love), celebratory meals after meals after meals, rolling pin and a hipster purse as birthday presents, and many other simple moments enough to light up my month.

Thank You, Lord. :)

June 2015

Meeting Marina courtesy of the Firm's Diversity Week. She's such an inspiration and I admire her for her boldness and honesty in her simple speech. No sugar coating, just being who she is.

July 2015

July, being his month; I had tax filings to juggle alongside. It's a feat every single year but we pulled through. Thankful for his understanding and here's his FRIES CAKE!! Last year I gave him a Burger Cake hahahaha :D

August 2015

We lost my paternal grandmother. I'd admit that I felt a tinge of regret but I didn't let it get the better of me because I believe that gramma is in a much better place now, free from worldly sufferings. It was also a "Joyful Departure" because she passed away at the age of 90 (according to the Lunar Calendar).

It was a first for me. Losing someone this closely related to me. It was... not quite a shocker, but I wished we had more time together. We bid farewell without tears for most of the send-off journey. We were told to remove all foot wear, and put on white socks and in the photo above, our socks-clad feet were sizzling on the scorching hot tar road. A symbolic ceremony, they called it. The final departure.

What's new to me was that we were then told to be dressed in RED RED RED RED RED after the send-off as a sign of celebratory of gramma's passing on. Joyful Departure, remember?

I'm still not quite used to gramma having left us. Chinese New Year 2016 would be different, so different without her. I miss her stories of the years during the Japanese occupation and how she would repeat the stories without even realising it. Heh.

I miss her.

September 2015

Hello Kitty-fying his room is my life mission. Nuff said! Then came pillows, plushies and everything else. HEH

October 2015

I know this is the photo yall would be MOST INTERESTED IN hahahahaha

Yes, The Proposal at the Top of Europe - Jungfraujoch.

As we've mentioned, this was indeed a trip of a lifetime! The proposal was a total surprise to me as I didn't see it coming, at all. Despite having friends who kept telling me that he might pop the question, I brushed them all off, because, well... if it's gonna happen, then it will.

Thank You for making me your lucky girl. :)

November 2015

Spent the second last month of the year adjusting back to the usual routine after our trip of a lifetime.

The family gathered in memory of gramma's 100th day since passing on. No tears but gratefulness, that because of gramma, we are gathered together again in Malacca.

I also did impulsive stuff like meeting up with Kor during his 1-hour flight transit time while waiting for the next flight back down South. That's how much I love my Kor :)

December 2015

A celebratory month of Christmas, Winter Solstice and the end to a beautiful year!

It was truly a colorful year of experiences. However, I do have to say that it wasn't the most accomplished year for me ever since coming of age. Nonetheless, I'd say that I've much more to be grateful for than to sulk about. Life is all about the balance and seeking the joy in adversities.

Here's a toast to the colorful year soon to pass, and a fruitful & healthier 2016!

BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU! Thanks for letting me share my year 2015 with you! :D

December 2, 2015

Nando's Lover is Me!

A month ago, Dad told me I've got mail. You see, I don't usually get mails at the postbox other than occasional air mails friends would kindly send me when they were based overseas for tertiary education. We all know I'm well passed that phase right now. Hah!

I saw a nicely sealed "envelope" on the common table bearing my name and opened it with much excitement. The flip side had Nando's logo printed on it. First thought that came to my mind, "hmm, another marketing gimmick?"

Click to enlarge!

As you can see, it's a reward for my love for Nando's!

My love for Nando's is one that people around me can testify. LOL and the best Nando's outlet by far, in terms of customer experience is the one at Taipan, USJ. I briefly wrote about it in January 2013 when the outlet was fairly new.

Anyways! Long story short, I was thrilled to receive such an awesome goodie!

Best of all, it's not a goodie on purchase. IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE. Can't get anymore Asian than this. :P

Nine choices to choose from...

I had a tough time picking from the lot because I'd always have the usuals of 1/4 chicken w 2 sides. Suddenly I had to deviate from the norm and the burgers/pita/wrap all looked so enticing!

Beefy Gatecrasher

I was torn between the Nandoca's Choice vs. Beefy Gatecrasher.

What was appealing about Nandoca's Choice was the butterflied chicken which comes at a premium if I were to pick that with my usual 1/4 chicken w sides.

Beefy Gatecrasher however enticed me with it being BEEF. Beef isn't exactly Nando's forte. So I ended up giving this a try! Ok la, part of the reason why I chose this was because it was the most worth-it choice of the lot LOL Asian...

The staff at Nando's Sunway Pyramid was pretty helpful. Fully aware that the voucher allows for dine-in only, I requested for a kind favor to opt for a takeout instead as I'd be dining alone.

They were kind enough to do so and pre-empt me on the waiting time if I were to opt for the Beefy option. With that, I went strolling around the nearby shops and came back after 20 minutes.


My Nando's takeout. Mmmmmm~ It smell so good throughout the car ride home. There's even 2 packets of complimentary Peri-peri sauce.


First sight of my beefy-licious thang! In my mind, I was thinking... "Oh so this is what a toasted Portugese roll looks like" :D


The beef steak was well paired with fresh rockets, pickled onions and red pepper dip. The sauce was amazing! The beef fillet was a lil tough, but texture was as expected because it's a fillet (duh!). As compared to the usual burgers where mince are commonly used, this was a mouthful twist to the norm.

PERi-PERi sauce

The perfect topping to a Nando's meal. With this, nothing can go wrong. My favourite is still the Garlic PERi-PERi sauce but I'll have it another day when I pair it with my usuals!

All in all, it was a PERinaise meal!

Looking forward to my next visit :D Once again, thank YOU, Nando's Malaysia! :D