November 19, 2013

I Don't Thank Enough

Oh hai! It's me blogging on my smart camera.

So, its barely midweek and I've actually gotten cranky. Somewhat like a musthave cranky mode: ON. Don't mess w me!

You know how people have sudden realisations in their lives and then they come to a turning point? That's exactly what I'm feeling right now; except for the turning point part. Heh

The thing is... I don't feel that I am thankful enough... for many things in my life. Oh Lord, why am I like this... so, please make way for me on cyberspace to thank God for these (for today)...

I should be thankful for dinner already served whenever I get home (unless informed otherwise).
I should be thankful for food (my goodness!).
I should be thankful for having a job.
I should be thankful that life ain't that bad for a cranky person like me. Hehe

I should be thankful, because, well you see... for this one important reason. That is, I have this (occasional) patient Daddy that puts up with my stuck-up princessey moments that it no one else in my little world bothers about. And that's when I 放肆到。。。hehehehehe~

Daddy dearest, 我爱你!♡

imma be "hugging" these blessings to sleep tonight. Oh yea, blogging on Blogger app sucks. Urhh.. crankaaayyyy... another day to work towards "success"!!!!

November 4, 2013

Reality Is Hard On Us, Today...

Do you hear the birds joyful chirpings?
Or do you hear notifications from social media buzzing off your gadget?

Do you hear the melodious wind?
Or do you hear the honks and zooming of cars past you?

Do you hear fear creeping in?
Or do you hear your insecurities get the better of you?

Do you hear the laughters of loved ones?
Or do you hear your own narcissisms?

Do you hear only what you want?
Or do you hear what the world has to offer?

Do you hear your body aching?
Or do you hear your taste buds triumphing?

Do you hear God calling?
Or do you hear your hearts' selfish desires?

Do you hear death creeping on you?
Or do you hear the worldly sounds?

Do you hear when reality knocks?
Or do you hear the "BAM!" when reality smacks right in your face?


Life, is hard on us, when we least expect it to...
RIP, my amazingly great chef Uncle SY. You will be missed...