October 8, 2013

Famous XO Fish Head Noodles @ Restoran Goon Wah, Jalan Kuchai Lama

On one of the recent celebrative days that fell on a weekday, I couldn't resist my cravings calling out for fish head noodles.  Never realised the existence of this chinese cuisine until one fine day when uni friends were comparing about the many different places selling better fish head noodles.

I gave it a try, and this eatery which I am gonna be sharing is by far the BEST I've tasted. Do let me know if you've any other fish head noodles eatery to recommend!

As many would have heard, the BEST fish head noodles eatery is Restoran Goon Wah, located at Jalan Kuchai Lama; "strategically" next to a coffin shop. LOL 

Do note, however, that there is another eatery down the road that imitates the outlook of Goon Wah, so be sure to walk into the RIGHT eatery! Don't say I didn't warn ya! :D

The RIGHT shop that you should walk in to. This is how it looks like on the outside :D
Another shot of the shop. This is how it looks inside lol


Lets see what's on the "MUST-HAVE" menu for the 3 of us...

Barley "Fu Zhuk" (in canto: Fu Zhuk Yee Mai)

Verdict: The FZYM is a good pair-up with the upcoming dishes as an appetizer as it has a sweet element that boost up your appetite for the food storm that you're about to engulf! But a point to note, if you're not a big fan of sweet stuff, then I suggest you give this a pass. :)

Next, Claypot Lou Shu Fun.

Verdict: Served with crunchy toppings (that I wish I knew what it was), sesame, generous amount of spring onions added with their homemade black sauce paste, this dish is to be mixed by you! To ensure that it doesn't burn at the bottom, you've to stir it immediately upon being served, until the fire beneath it goes off.  Just imagine the soft chewy Lou Shu Fun in your mouth dancing along with the crunchy fried stuff paired with the melodious fragrance emitted from their homemade black sauce paste that's SO tasty it ignites your senses! For 3 pax with notsohungry tummies that day, we ordered a Small portion for this dish.

Look how appetizing this dish is! Oh, you can also choose to add eggs along with this dish (with extra charges I suppose?).

Hold on to your horses as the main dish is coming up!

But before that, this is the kick-ass chilli that doesn't come off as too garlicky or overly spicy. It's just nice and sweet, yet, not overly done. I normally have like, 2 of this. Heh.

Finally, here you go - the main dish for the day.
The famous XO fish head noodles!

Verdict (noodles): They use the laksa kinda noodles for this dish and its just the right way to go about it; giving the right amount of springy texture and is not overly cooked every-single-time I am here.

Verdict (soup): With the generous amount of all the right kinda things in the soup, tell me how wrong can this go? To name a few, they've tomatoes, pickled vegetables, spring onions, coriander and interestingly (and oneofakind) YAM! The soup is always sweet to taste and is even more soothing to the tastebuds. With such goodness, you CAN definitely ask for a refill for the soup! No kidding! :)

Verdict (fish): The eatery serves the dish with fried fish.  I wouldn't comment on the freshness of the fish, but so long as it doesn't emits the kinda fishy smell when I dig into it, I'm all good. It'd be better, if there was more meat to the fish though.

 With already so much on the plate, the lack of meaty fish is overlooked la. Heh!

Look at how clear the soup is! I can down bowls and bowls of this! :)

Well, I hope this post made you as hungry as it did to me. LOL
Go try it out and let me know if its as good! Or, if you've already tried this, do share with me on any feedback! :)

Once again, I shall not mention anything about directions. The only thing I know is when you see a Shell station on your right, across the road, turn right at the traffic light. Goon Wah would be hidden behind the bushes of shophouses on your right as you drive along inside.


1. Their order sizes varies between Small, Medium and Large. Just tell them how many pax are there, and confirm with them your order size then it should be fine.

2. The eatery is open on Weekdays ONLY! :3 They're normally open on any other public holidays that fall on a weekday (except if its CNY, I think?) hehe

OK, that's all for now! :)