March 23, 2013

My Last Ipoh Trip

Hello, Saturday! Can't wait till April when I get to return to Ipoh for some ohsum goodness back there!

Here are some of the things I had on my previous trip. Miss them!

Famous Funny Mountain TauFooFa

Homecooked breakfast especially prepared for us

"Dai Xu Geok" (translated as Big Tree Foot in cantonese)

And.... HAMSTERS! All of them! Cuteness maximum!

Now, am so looking forward to April so that I can catch up on some good food that I miss out during my last trip and some hamster talk :P

March 1, 2013

Sneaky March

Sneaky March has crept up on us, if you haven't realise just yet...

Moody Chanel 


The past 2 months of 2013 has been great. Blessings after another. Its now time to bless others in return. Thank you, baby.. For the past one year. And the many tiny and littlest and HUGE surprises you've had for me. I love you.

Anniversary bouquet


So, shall we all EMBRACE the 3rd month of 2013 with a BIG WIDE SMILE like Chanel?? :)