April 26, 2014

Close to 6 Months

Can't believe it's been close to 6 months since I last wrote. I started this (new) space on blogosphere in hopes that I could share more about my love for food. And then, I let it all slip away, again.

My drive to work everyday has been filled with prayers. Short. Simple. Sincere ones. I cannot thank Him enough for the open doors, and blessings that He has flourished my life with.

I miss writing.

As I am drafting this out on a Saturday morning, April is coming to an end in the coming week. Can't seem to have any description for such a feeling other than, "time flies".

Life is moving at too fast a pace, that we tend to overlook God's presence in our lives. It may not be applicable to all, but it definitely happened for me. I do not feel happy about it. I do not enjoy being away from Him. Yet, He never draws away. But rather, He'd draw me closer to Him, working in ways that I'd never imagine.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." - James 1:17

As May approaches, I turn a year older. :)

Age is merely a number to call. Age does not define one's maturity. 

This post is a post of random thoughts. You never know who is watching over this space. Waiting for you to mess up. Waiting for you to slip a negative thought that they can hold against you. Cyberspace is a fun place to hang out at, yet, it brings danger beyond great measures that are irreversible. 

In this day and era, accessibility is everything. With Google Glasses, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and whatevernots, knowledge and harm is just a button's click away. Do you let loose? Do you share your personal life on social media platforms as though it is merely a personal space? Do you share nothing more than what others deserve to know? Or do you share just nothing at all?

I've been on Dayre lately. Only when I am spending time w the BF; because I do not own a smart phone, YET. ;)

One of the Dayre user's post caught my attention. In it, she shared this: "How real is REAL?". In other words, how do you even KNOW that someone real, IS INDEED.... REAL.

It struck me. One can only be as REAL as how REAL he/she wants the world to perceive them. Yes, there may be those who still think that the "real" is not real enough. But, still, some would take the "real"ness as it is. 

I, for one, take people at face value. Show me your sincerity, in return, I will give you in kind. :) But if you choose to hide behind that mask, only because you are building a wall in your heart and mind so high up that you are beyond reachable for me, then the mask I shall return you with.

I believe in the good. I believe also that when you meet bad people or get entangled in bad things/ situations; walk away. FAR AWAY. God put me in the latter situations for a reason. 

... for me to be able to differentiate between bad people/ bad situations from the good ones. Which helps me appreciate the good people/ good situations all the more.

I've been meaning to write in a long long while. Writing is my therapy as how retail shopping is to the female species. I love writing. I miss "verbal" diarrhea on this cyberspace called mine (where eyes could be watching).

This is me. This isn't about anyone else. Take the above as a pinch of salt and apply it to your daily life if it makes perfect sense to you. Otherwise, thank you for reading.

Have a great weekend! xx