September 9, 2013

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant, Aman Suria

Disclaimer: This is a non-halal post and is pork filled.

I realise I've been writing a lot about chinese food and nothing else; to the extent that even I, label myself as a "Cina Foodie". So cina! Beh tahan! hehe

And, today I'm indulging in even more chinese food - Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant located at Aman Suria.

As many would know, Aman Suria offers PJ-ians a wide variety of good food, yet, I seldom come to this part of PJ. So, today, lets feast our eyes with food porn! lol

Here's a shot of their simplistic menu...

Another one of their simplistic menu...

Here comes the food porn!
Siu Yok aka Roast Pork.

Verdict: The siu yok is nicely done with minimal fats between both the crispy skin and meat. The meat is tender and tasty with the bonus of its well-crisp skin which gives a beautiful texture when chewed together. However, it lacks the fragrance produced (assumingly) from pork oil. ;)

Next up, their signature famous Char Siew aka BBQ-glazed pork.

Verdict: This is the fattiest (its unbelievable this word even exist lol) char siew I've ever eaten in my life! BUT, it is the TASTIEST ever... I loved how well the fatty char siew is glazed with honey bbq. Also, the fact that although this char siew may be the fattiest (from the outer appearance), but when it is placed in your mouth, the fats melt instantly (ok, am exaggerating haha)! Such heavenly pork! :D

However, I'd have preferred it to have more meat instead as I wouldn't want to be caught in a dilemma as to how many pieces of melt-in-the-mouth fats I've consumed hahaha. Overall, thumbs up!

Also, we had a taste of their roast chicken.

Verdict: This is just like any other roasted chicken you can find at any random chicken rice stall. Nothing stands out. Mehh.. Plus, I'm sure you'll be able to taste better ones elsewhere. ;)

Our pork & chicken platters LOL

We also ordered their Fried Dumplings. There is also nothing spectacularly good about this. So yea...

The eatery has various noodle types that you can pair with your pork platters.
We chose the Hakka Mee. Quite simple to taste and the minced meat topping is generous!


I would prefer not to state any directions on how to get there so as not to mislead anyone in any case, just to be safe haha. I'm pretty sure with the many various apps that will get you anywhere in no time, this place wouldn't be that hard to locate.

Just a shot of the exterior of the shop.

TIP: The eatery is packed to the brim during lunch hours, even on weekdays. So be sure to be there early (prolly about 12pm) to get seats! Too famous. What to do...

Ohh! How my tummy grumbles as I was preparing the post! Dinner time~