September 24, 2015

Purple Pasta Restaurant & Café @ Oasis Square

Oasis Damansara is a fairly new development in recent years. Slowly, but surely, it has gained quite a reputation for hipster cafes in the vicinity and even high end eateries, such as Royal Flush.

After yet another long hiatus, I'm back with a simple review of a no-frills eatery - Purple Pasta Cafe located at Oasis Square. This is where you can find affordable, homemade-ish tasting pastas. Nothing over the top. Simply good enough for our liking.

Contrary to the name of the cafe, there's nothing particularly purple about it. Not the outlook, interior... not even the pastas. Okay, perhaps its just the color of the signboard LOL

Outlook of Purple Pasta

Service was prompt and warm.

Buzzer and menu

WiFi is also available in the eatery. But of course, by no means am I encouraging you to have a phone screen in between your dining partner(s). Heh Flip on to the menu!

Menu in a glance

So I was asking one of the staff on duty how long has this eatery been in operation; only to be informed that although they're newly 1 month into Purple Pasta, they've just been bought over by a new owner.

That being said, the menu, brand name and (potentially) prices are changing in a month's time. In fact, when we were there last weekend for dinner, we noticed someone occupying the cozy section of the eatery, equipped with his pro-DSLR, snapping photos of food away. Presuming, items to be included on the new menu. :(

Hence, this humble review of mine may be obsolete w.e.f. October 2015. Heh. But, somehow I just feel the need to write today.

What a loooong-winded introduction, let's move on to our orders for the night.

Purple Pasta - Appetizer

Verdict - Fried Mushroom - RM9 (Rate: 6/10)

Two types of mushrooms (i.e. Shiitake and Oyster) were well enveloped in the beautifully crisp batter. However, we didn't find it worth recommending. Other than the batter, everything else were pretty average. Sauces provided were chilli sauce, mayo and ketchup.

We did spice up the fried mushrooms by mixing up some black pepper, chilli flakes and cheese powder.
One of my favourite aspects of dining at Purple Pasta is that the dishes are mild tasting (don't mistake it for being bland) and it gives me room to spice up a notch on the flavours according to my fancy!

Next up!

A pasta to remember

Verdict - Mushroom Pesto Pasta - RM9 (Rate: 9/10)

Yes, you read right. Nine Ringgit ONLY. You can say its affordable, or to put it bluntly, cheap. When I placed my order, I double checked w the staff how the portion would be like. She said, portion would be right for 1 pax and definitely enough for me. Haha honestly, I was half expecting to be served somewhat pathetic a portion. Turns out the opposite, what a pleasant surprise! Portion was decently great for the price.

Taste wise, it was quite delicious a plate. If I had to pick on this dish, I'd wish for it to be more herb-ish and for the pesto taste to come out stronger. But, as I've mentioned above, dishes served at Purple Pasta allows you to up a notch in terms of flavouring according to your fancy. I liked that. Topped it with chilli flakes and cheese powder w a dash of black pepper and voila! Lovely!

They were also generous with the mushroom. Pasta was al dente. Overall a pasta well done! :)

Food porn alert

Verdict - Beef bacon egg carbonara - RM15 (Rate: 7/10)

If you are half expecting this plate of Carbonara to be the rich creamy kind, then I'd say this would disappoint you. But, what I can assure you is this - this plate will be a satisfaction guaranteed one where you'd feel just right (i.e. not easily jelak) upon your last mouthful.

Have some chilli flakes & cheese powder

Upon popping of the perfectly poached egg.


Portion was wise, taste once again, decent and up to the diners to add additional flavours according to your liking.

Lastly, dessert!

Exquisite sweet and salty waffle

Verdict - Beef Bacon Ice Cream Waffle (B.I.C. Waffle) - RM19

Waffle was soft and fluffy, not the crunchy hard type. An exquisite pair to have it with some tasty vanilla ice cream drizzled richly with salted caramel sauce.... and top that up with cut up bits of beef bacon. Very exquisite! My dining partner didn't quite like the whole combination but the adventurous foodie in me, loved it!

Interesting attempt indeed! Well done!

As you'd have noticed, they're reaaally generous with the ice cream servings. 4 scoops! Honestly, I feel that it's quite a lot for a standard size of waffle. No precedent of such portion have I personally seen among cafes in town. This is definitely a first. Perhaps, its because this eatery is quite a newbie on the block. Heh

Total satisfaction: RM52
Service charge: N/A


Evening crowd on a Saturday night was great, comprising mostly of families and a couple of friends hanging out.


D-G-06, Block D, Oasis Square Ara Damansara, 
2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday 12pm to 11pm

A return visit would be a definite, if not because of the change in ownership of the cafe. Heh. We'll see!