May 2, 2015

Sangkaya @ SS15

A quarter of the year 2015, 120 days down. A quarter of a century, 25 years passed...


Foodie me is back. This time, a self reward on a scorching hot day - Sangkaya @ SS15, Subang Jaya. In case you don't already know, Sangkaya is the new food sensation, on Instagram/ social media. It has various branches namely, SS15, Uptown Damansara, Ampang Point, Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang and even at Jonker Street, Malacca!

Sangkaya; #NutsAboutCoconuts

Toppings Station!

Basically, the system works as such:

1. Place your order at the counter
2. Make payment
3. Wait in line to be handed your coconut bowl of ice cream
4. Choose your toppings and decorate your ice cream to be Insta-worthy
5. Voila! You can now post it on social media :D

Whilst I was in line waiting for my bowl of coconut ice cream, I went nuts staring at the toppings station. Not because it was as if it has been ransacked by monkeys... But rather there were quite a number to choose from.

If I didn't want my bowl of coconut ice cream to be Insta-worthy, I may very well have topped it with EVERYTHING!

Plain Naked Coconut Ice Cream

Choice of toppings include,

1. Peanuts (sounds like food for the monkeys who ransacked the station!)
2. Nestum
3. Cornflakes
4. Roasted coconut flakes (my favourite)
5. Corn
6. Kidney beans
7. Hershey's Chocolate Sauce

Creating suspense before showing how my serving looks like...

I've read a couple of online reviews where it states that toppings are limited to 3 choices/person. Hmm, funny thing, when I was there, I had the liberty to pick whichever I wanted! I even had refills of different toppings LOL really monkey la me. :D

Instagram worthy one

Tada! Here goes my serving of Coconut Ice cream. I definitely went nuts over the toppings. Spot the mess on my hand. We then proceeded in for some air conditioned environment. Just pushed the door where the artificial "brick wall" is. Inside is a cool place to chill with a club-like atmosphere.


Coconut ice cream taste was fairly mild, mainly because Sangkaya uses young coconut (less matured so the coconut taste has not fully ripen). There's also some coconut flesh underneath the 4 scoops of coconut ice cream. Likewise, coconut taste is very mild. Nonetheless, it is very refreshing a snack/ dessert on a scorching hot afternoon.

Note: They advocate no eggs, non-dairy ice cream. Plus point for those who do not consume dairy products. :)

Price: RM10.50 (inclusive of GST)


I like how they got the GST element right, i.e. prices on display shall be inclusive of GST. Many eateries I know do not practice this new price display requirement.

P/S: Their price before GST was RM9.90 (FYI only, not that it is a cause for concern).

RM10.50 is for the Signature Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream, where is comes with 4 scoops of coconut ice cream (so duh la) and toppings as mentioned above.

Sangkaya's outlook


No. 25, Jalan SS15/4B, 47500 Subang Jaya

Opening Hours

Basically, they are opened EVERY DAY! But do note the opening hours below :D

Mon - Thurs & Sat - Sun: 12pm to 12am
Fri: 2:30pm to 12am

Overall Verdict

5/10, I'd say worth a try considering the hype. But a revisit? Maybe not.