December 31, 2016

See You Again, Leap Year...

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different." - C.S Lewis

It's that time of the year again, to reflect and ponder upon the good and challenging days.

For us, the year kickstarted with a bottle pop of Ice Wine that we got from Germany. 

For the traditional Chinese, the year starts with CNY. This year, the whole clan made a trip back to Paddy Land - Kedah. We were tremendously blessed by our aunt who did an extensive renovation to accommodate almost (if not more than) 20 of us in a house.

Being back here is the final touch to our CNY. The wind brings humidity, sweat but also serenity. There's just so much more to embrace and feel like we've nothing to lose unlike the fast paced living in the city.

Grams and their grandchildren, missing Wei Sheng!!

Red packets, courtesy of Kor hehe

February 2016 was also the month I firmed up my decision to bid goodbye to professional practice. Months leading up to this were draining because well, cliche as it is, it was a tough decision to make. From convincing the people I love that I knew what I was doing to assessing supportive comments, ensuring they are not saying things merely for the sake of comforting me.

Every step I take in my career, there are takeaways. PwC was the first step out of my comfort zone. Gaining much more than work experiences to shout about, I brought with me friendships I never knew I could have at work, leadership I could look up to.. and of course the competitive environment that I hope my attempts to excel in were evident :)

Being close to tears on my last day, that's definitely a first despite a short tenure. PwC has given me much more in that span of one year... I wrapped up this chapter feeling very grateful and blessed.

March brought me home, again. My mini "career break", some would call it.

I had my daily dose of home brewed black coffee (爷爷泡的茶), chicken shredded noodles (so much so, grams had to distract me with other breakfast goodies available, all of which were unsuccessful), and met my main objective of coming home...

Under the guidance of 符老师 (aka grams), I made my very first Rice Dumplings! What a feat with the technicality and constant practice grams made me go through days before the actual wrapping.

Confession: I've forgotten how to do it already. Shucks!


April 2016 marks an unconventional step in my career.

Unlearning most of what I think I knew and took a bold change into recruitment. As at 31 December 2016, it's 9 complete months in recruitment and I would describe it to be a thrilling, heart wrenching roller coaster ride. Some days are especially so with challenges thrown at you when you least expect it, some days you feel like you're at the top of the world and some days you find yourself striving to stay afloat.

But one thing's for sure, you reap what you sow.

The look of no regrets :)

On top of that, I materialised a secret dream of having my hair colored oddly! An undertone that's bright red. Splurged quite a fair bit for my first time at Number76. Loved how the color turned out to be. Yay!

I also took a flight on my own, for the first time... to Singapore. It was a day of being independent, paranoid and chaos. All for my one and only kor's ROM.

Despite all the drama, I'm glad I made it in time to the venue! With no local contacts available, I bought my own train ticket to the venue, got lost walking around the area and arrived at the venue all sweaty and as soon as I bumped into my kor, hot tears started streaming down my fat cheeks.

It was worth the stress... because my kor and Rebecca (大嫂) looked so good all dressed up. Maybe I cried because I felt like I'm losing my kor hahahaha I kid! :P


May 2016 was my birthday month. Here's one with the initial team, including most of my interviewers.

I'm not big on birthdays, as in I do not like going around shouting about it. Trust me when I say it was an awkward way of how my team was informed about my birthday LOL

But most of all, it ended on a simple note with the love of my life. Last birthday as a single lady! :)

This year is a year of poking candles into food. I kept imagining having ramen as my birthday cake days leading up to it, so I got a candle from donowhere and asked my love if he'd play along with my ramen "cake". Hehe~

June 2016 saw the official launch of the LRT extended line into my hood! Nothing like rejoicing for extra 15mins of sleep now that the station is just a 5-minute drive from home haha

July was another month of celebration.

Rekindled my love for concert with complimentary tickets from Uncle whose academy is the official make up for Jolin Tsai, PLAY tour concert stop in Kuala Lumpur! Invited a concert freshie along with us too (this is you, Shuang). haha

Fantastic showmanship despite the weather which also resulted in a minor slip at the start of the concert!

Attempted canvas painting for the first time too! Can't say I'm a pro but I impressed myself even with end product hahahaha #selfpraise

It was meant as a gift for...

My birthday boy!

Similarly, last birthday as a bachelor! hehe and yes, poke candle into sashimi! #wholenewlevel


August 2016

The Thailand trip for our Finance team happened! Dodgy~ nuff said...


September 2016

Did a couple of short trips with my love. Up north to Ipoh, down South to Malacca and further down South to Singapore!

Colorful HDB at Rochor Rd that will soon be demolished


The last quarter of 2016 went by swiftly like the wind because I achieved my first milestone promotion with the Firm (funny how it's still called that)!

I also achieved my teenage dream to have a Mac to call mine! In fact, this post is drafted on it :) Gotta thank my Pappi for instilling in me the habit of "delayed gratification".

Also did my first gelish manicure! I've always not been a fan of my nails but wow... I couldn't believe my nails when the lady was done with it. Didn't know my nails had the potential to be pretty too!


Year in year out, we lament to ourselves that time flies. Thing is, what about 2016 flying past too quickly that you have not done enough yet? Let that kickstart your 2017.

2016 for me in summary has taught me that the impossible is doable. It has been a fruitful year of learnings and it's not enough because 2017 is going to be an even more challenging year with our economy, milestones to achieve etc.

Here's wishing you a Blessed New Year!

See yall next year! Toodles~

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